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What makes Dover College the right choice for you?


Academic excellence is important to us as is talent in other areas such as art, drama, music and sport. Pupils are encouraged by our experienced teachers to achieve their full potential in all fields.

Equally important is being a member of our caring, family-type environment where kindness and thought for others is key. Our international mix means that our pupils learn valuable skills that will help them become confident global citizens.

In addition, we are very fortunate in being located on a site that is rich in history; our College life is enriched by the traditions of the past whilst preparing young people to become self-assured members of the modern world.

We are small. With under 400 pupils through the school, everyone is known as an individual.

We have an exceptional International Study Centre, which focusses on teaching pupils English whilst they are integrated fully into day-to-day lessons.

We have small class sizes. No pupil will be taught in classes bigger than 15 pupils. The world average class size is 22, and many countries such as China have in excess of 30 pupils. Our maximum class size of 15 makes an enormous difference to a child’s education.

We have a strong cosmopolitan atmosphere with a balance of pupils from around the world, however the dominant nationality throughout the school is English.

We don’t have exeat weekends – the College doesn’t close during term time, apart from half term holidays.

We have a creative curriculum that ,unlike other schools, focusses on encouraging pupils to think differently through discussion and debate.

We are able to be flexible with our academic provision.

To see a video giving a snapshot of the warmth, creativity and exceptional education standards that we offer to our international boarders, please click on this link:

Dover College Boarding Life