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Welcome from the Heads of School

The core values of Dover College include Democracy, Leadership and Service. Nowhere are these epitomised better than in the choosing of the prefects and Heads of School for the coming     academic year. It is heartening to see how many of our Year 12 pupils apply for the roles and the effort they put into their applications.

For 2018/2019, we have chosen Juliette Jordan and Jonny Heaver, both of whom have studied at the College for a number of years and have wholeheartedly thrown themselves into every aspect of life here.

Here is what they have to say about being Dover College pupils:

How would you summarise Dover College?


It not only helps you develop academically, but also as a person. I have learnt to be less sensitive and unafraid to express my values, opinions and ethics, even if that means being different. I have become less judgemental, which has helped me to become a better friend.


It puts you first. When choosing what to study at GCSE, BTEC or A Level, the option blocks are shaped around the individual, creating a timetable which is personal and suited to your interests and strengths.

The College’s Christian ethos and pastoral care is also important

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and occasional Sundays, we as a school, meet in our beautiful chapel to worship and pray together. No matter what your belief, the style of worship and teaching challenges everyone’s perspective, encouraging students to be open minded, think and behave selflessly and to embrace Christian values, making the College a safe and secure place to grow and be accepted and valued.  The fact that we eat together and enjoy House activities enables us to mix with all age groups in a vertical rather than horizontal structure.  Prefects contribute to the pastoral care in the College and are always on the lookout for those who may be less happy or just having a tough day. What is special about the college is that everyone looks out for each other, no matter your age, background or culture.

What about co-curricular activities?


The activities and events outside of timetabled lessons are second to none. Activities take place twice a week which enable every student to enhance their skills and to broaden their way of thinking, training students to become prepared for the world beyond the confines of an academic timetable. There are approximately 30 different activities on offer after school, ranging from Chess to Modelling, from Cinema Club to Environmental Club or from countless sporting activities to Drama. Whoever you are, there will be one for you.  Students are encouraged to be altruistic, through many charity and community events. There are also annual events such as House Drama, House Music, inter-house and external sporting fixtures, formal and informal concerts, a Steeplechase, Sports Day, a Sponsored walk, Summer and Christmas fairs and chapel services. This makes Dover College more than a school; instead a community that has fun, makes a difference and indeed – thinks differently.


I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to go to a school such as Dover College, but it is obvious to me that you can only fully benefit from this experience if you open yourself to as many opportunities outside the classroom as possible. Since Year 7 I have been in the Chapel choir and taken part in every school production and House drama; I am taking singing and LAMDA lessons; I have gone from playing in the games rec teams to currently being a key player in all the first teams. I always fully support school events whether it be fixtures, open days or trips (I hugely enjoyed the last trip to Iceland) and I will be completing my DofE Gold next academic year as well as following the NCS programme this summer.

How do you feel about your appointment as Head of School?


I have always admired every Head Girl at Dover College and I would never have thought that one day I would be chosen to lead others by example. It is a daunting but exciting thought and it just shows that at Dover College you can achieve your dreams.

I think differently because I care. I think differently because I know that you have to work hard to succeed. I think differently because I give everything a go. I hope that, as Head Girl at Dover College, I will inspire others to think differently too.


As Head Boy, I am proud to be at Dover College and would conclude by saying whether you are academically brilliant, sporty, born for the stage, mechanical, creative or mathematical – Dover College is the ideal place to nurture your skills and talents. I am excited to implement my ideas to make the College more environmentally aware,  more outward looking by introducing my 150 tasks for the community of Dover, and most of all, using our facilities, staff and positive ethos to allow as many students possible to benefit from all that Dover College has to offer.