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Our Development Plan

Our mission is to be a school of exceptional academic achievement at the heart of the Dover community where confidence is nurtured, innovation is celebrated, inquisitiveness is encouraged, individuality is embraced and creativity is fostered.

Dover College’s Mission

Project 150: A new vision for Dover College

The launch of Project 150 is designed to coincide with, and to extend beyond, the College’s 150th Anniversary since its foundation in 1871.

Project 150 has been designed to herald a ten-year period of transformational change at the College.  It proposes significant investment and work on the school’s curriculum and the further development of teaching and learning, alongside the enhancement of our extra-curricular provision. We want to challenge our pupils to think independently and creatively, and continually challenge our teachers to think again.

Alongside this, to provide the right environment for learning and personal development, Project 150 proposes that the College embarks on an extensive campus building and renovation programme focussed on the College's buildings, classrooms and facilities.

Project 150 is designed to transform the educational experience of boys and girls who attend the College and the College’s central site.

Through the planning and consultation process, a fundamental theme of the College’s development is that it enters into a great deal of partnership with those in and around Dover. The College aims to make much of its location at the heart of the town in terms of not just offering excellent education, but also working in partnership with regards the creative arts, sports and charitable activities.

Project 150 will see the College taking its next giant step forward. It will deliver a number of exceptional projects which will maximise the use of the College’s site alongside its sports facilities, providing an exceptional education for its pupils.

Project 150 will:

  • Develop our campus;
  • Develop our teaching;
  • Develop our pastoral care, welfare and school culture;
  • Develop our Governance, leadership and admissions operation;
  • Develop our community and alumni engagement.

The full development plan, which includes the campus master plan, will be posted here once approved fully by Council during 2017.