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Think Differently: A New Approach

Think differently. Think Dover College.

It sums up what we are as a school. 

Determined to ensure that all the College's communications materials represented what the College was truly about, a secret shopper visited an open day to report on the College’s education and co-curricular provision. In the debrief, there was a clear message: everyone talked about how at the College people thought differently. It was said without prompting by the Headmaster in his speech, the Head Girl in hers, by staff members, pupils and parents during the day.

It sums up what we are as a school. We think differently. We encourage debate. We have a school that doesn’t have a hierarchy of pupils, where everyone feels welcomed and cared for. We enjoy an environment which enables pupils to be all that they can be, to try the new, the eye-catching, the inspiring, the thought provoking and so be…

… different.

Enjoy this exciting promotional work created in conjunction with DRIVE Marketing