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Junior School: Ages 5 to11

The Dover College Curriculum priorities are to engage and enthuse children in the learning process. We seek to foster in a child’s curiosity and a real enjoyment of lifelong learning. We achieve this with a broad and balanced curriculum delivered in a structured yet creative way.

Topics and themes provide the opportunity to immerse the children in their learning in a cross-curricular approach whilst having clear educational purpose and true educational value. We focus not only what to learn but how to learn, as the acquisition and development of skills are integral in all aspects of learning in your child’s future. The children learn to research and extend their knowledge, engaging in individual projects, group work and presentations. Classroom teaching is supplemented by educational visits, hands-on learning sessions and visiting speakers.

Having entrusted the education of our son to Dover College since pre-reception, we are delighted with the confident and able young man that he has become.  The warm and supporting relationship that he has enjoyed with the teaching staff and management team throughout his time in the Junior School has been a significant factor in his happiness and personal development.  

We are 100% satisfied that our decision to choose Dover College for our son's schooling was the right one. 


We develop core skills, and focus most of the morning lessons on improving skills in reading, writing and numeracy. We follow the National Curriculum for English and Mathematics so as to ensure the vital building blocks are in place for future life skills, challenges and examinations.

There is no more sitting in class wondering, “Why am I learning this?” or “I won’t need this when I’m older!” We believe in the value of all subjects and want the children to feel that there is a practical use for everything they learn in school. Many subjects are delivered by specialist teachers and wherever possible they are linked within the topic and theme that provides an all-round connected learning journey.

Languages begin in Year 1 with French and Spanish and run all the way through to Year 6. Children as young as 3 enjoy Music lessons twice weekly. In preparation for Senior School, Years 5 and 6 make use of the senior school facilities and expertise in additional subjects such as: Art, Design and Technology and Science.


The Dover College Curriculum caters for all and celebrates every pupil’s strengths and achievements, developing skills so that the children become independent and confident, risk taking learners. Encouraging them constantly to think differently.