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A Wide Range of Exam Courses

In addition to full GCSE and A Level courses for international pupils, we offer a three year A Level course and a one-year Year 11 course leading to IGCSE.

All pupils who have EAL lessons take Cambridge International Exams (CIE). During the year they prepare for the international KET, PET and First Certificate qualifications which they sit in the summer.

In Year 11, pupils take IGCSE in English as a Second Language (ESOL).

In  Year 13, pupils study for the IELTS exam which is required for entry into a UK university and is an internationally recognised qualification showing a level of proficiency in English.  They attend extra Saturday sessions to help prepare them for this difficult exam.

During the year pupils are also regularly tested within the ISC and goals are set to help them progress quickly in English. Overseas pupils also have the opportunity to attend lessons in their own language after school to prepare them for external exams such as IGCSE and A Level in those languages.