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A view from the Close - 22 September 2017

Dear Parents and Governors,

I am very much looking forward to welcoming a large number of visitors to the College tomorrow in what looks to be a record-break Open Day. It’s always reassuring that pupils do all the tours. Although we show them the route we don’t give them a script as they’re the best reasons why someone should send their child to us.

I am very grateful to the work of Alison Wilson, our new Registrar, who has done a thumpingly good job in organising the day.

It is wonderful to know that the College’s profile is rising locally, as well as internationally, and this is reflected in the interest we have. I am very proud of the pupils who demonstrate a confidence in themselves and pride in their school – they are our finest ambassadors.

I am delighted to say that all parents next week will receive a copy of our new prospectus. Please do place it proudly on coffee tables, and if you’d like an extra copy for Grandparents or for friends, please email with the address that it needs to be sent to, and we’ll do the rest.

As parents are aware, each week we award certificates in the Senior School Assembly for academic achievement. I was delighted to award the following on Monday.


Effort: James Hide

(for putting in great effort into his classwork at the start of the year)

Achievement: Joseph Payne-Martinez

(for being awarded Highly-Commended within his age category in the Canterbury Festival Poetry Competition)


Effort: Alicia Myers

(for her video diary of a trip to the Folkestone Spitfire memorial)

Achievement: Isa Mohammed

(for a very good first essay in a subject he has never studied before)


Effort: Yara Bethge and Amelie Pick

(for working extremely hard in class and making good progress)


Effort: Archie Grove

(for excellent enthusiasm, participation in class and effort for his first learning prep)

Achievement: Anna Grant

(for getting full marks in her French verbs test)


Effort: Jaiden Flisher

(for his excellent enthusiasm, participation in class and progress in grammar)

Achievement: Summer Hilton

(for getting full marks in all her listening and vocabulary tests and for her impressive use of the language in class)


Effort: Calum Johnson

(for working extremely well in his first Latin lesson)

Achievement: Isabel Klappa

(for excellent translation work in her first Latin lesson)


Effort: Yitian (“Sky”) Liu

(for putting a lot of effort into reading a passage from the bible)

Achievement: Avy Taylor

(for a very good piece of writing on the subject “All about me”)     

We are looking forward to welcoming Grandparents next Friday to the Junior School for the Grandparents Afternoon, and remind parents that the school’s termly Whole School Service takes place on Sunday 1 October at 1013.

As ever,

Gareth Doodes.