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A Creative Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum has been developed to promote independent learning opportunities and creative thought in all subjects. In particular, it covers linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical, aesthetic, creative and cultural education appropriate to the pupils’ age and ability. It takes account of national requirements where appropriate, but permits greater flexibility and choice.

Our core purpose is to inspire academic excellence and personal fulfilment. We encourage and expect high standards and success, fostering a sense of responsibility for self and others. Our aim is that all our pupils leave Dover College thoughtful, qualified, ambitious and ready to make a significant contribution wherever their futures may take them. We hope our pupils will want to give back to society some of the benefits which they have enjoyed through their engagement with education here.

Our pupils have a wide range of academic abilities and talents and we are proud of their successes at GCSE, A Level and throughout the school. Inspirational teaching and small class sizes enable pupils to develop confidence, self-esteem and a love of learning. We encourage all pupils to aspire to excellence, to always push their academic boundaries, no matter how high their level of achievement.

The curriculum is rigorous and requires discipline in study, ensuring that the school maintains its high educational standards, but is also flexible and can be tailored to individual needs. For the most able students, further challenge is provided, whilst a thriving learning support department provides valuable aid to pupils who require additional support. Our Assessment and Reporting system ensures that progress is carefully monitored and tracked by teaching staff.

Dover College has a 3-18 approach to education and this allows academic continuity across the school. A number of teachers teach across the age range, providing early opportunities for subject specialist teaching, including Modern Languages, Music, Drama, Art, Science and Design Technology. Pupils lower down the school can also take advantage of Senior School teaching facilities, such as the science laboratories, whilst for older students, there is a chance to get involved helping with younger children in the classroom.