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A View from the Close - 9 March 2018

Dear Parents and Governors,

The Headmaster has been away for a few days this week meeting with pupils and agents in Spain and Germany so he has kindly asked me to write the View from the Close this week.

It has been a very busy week, as usual, at Dover College.

The ‘Beast from the East’, and the snow and ice associated with it, disrupted many of our programmed evening events last week but in typical Dover College style we soldiered on.

Honk was a great success with performances on Saturday and Monday. I was absolutely stunned by the quality of the production when I saw it on Monday. Lead performances from Ellie Willetts, Imogen Davis, Jonny Heaver, Silvio Conte were outstanding and Macy Hadler, Libby Martin, Artem Pavlov, Edward Aylward Lopez, Juliet Jordan, Summer Leigh, Angelique Taylor, Gabriella Hood, Archie Grove, Lotte Hide, Anna Grant, Archie Seward, John Rufus, Erin Seal, Niall Noonan, Shania Marriott, David Yeadon, Nina Fest, Julian Thomas and Rosie Baldwin all giving outstanding supporting performances in their parts.

Behind the scenes, Poppy Lennon was Stage Manager leading the technical crew of Tyler Henderson, Clayton Ferguson, Sam Smith, Tamzin Vickers and Erin Harris, Joseph Grinstead was in charge of Lighting.

Thank you Mr. Lockyer, Mrs Hardy, Mrs Smart and other members of Common Room who helped but special mention must go to Mrs Myers as Director and Mr. Young as Musical Director. 

The Priory Public Speaking Competition was a hard fought contest. Judging this kind of competition is never easy and Mrs Green, Mr. Hill, Harry Amos and myself found it very difficult. There were 11 contestants in the final and they spoke brilliantly on a huge range of themes.

  1. Tom Hutton                 Should we allow underage drinking?
  2. Charlotte Hide            Is the gender gap in sports closing?
  3. Chloe Leedham           Has technology gone too far?
  4. August Moos               Do we need to give more freedom to our children?
  5. Amira Ostalski            Where is Brexit going to take us?
  6. Samuel Smith              Are footballers paid too much?
  7. Angelique Taylor         Should we let children have fizzy drinks?
  8. Nathaniel Turner        How important is it for children to learn to swim?
  9. Louise Wallace            Is it our responsibility to reduce the use of plastic?
  10. Maisie Wells               Is racism still an issue today?
  11. Peter Winther             Has our society become too materialistic?


Maisie Wells was the eventual winner with Louise Wallace 2nd and Charlotte Hide 3rd.


The Year 9 Parents’ Meeting and Options Presentation in the Great Hall on which was re-scheduled for Thursday 8th March was very successful.

Academic Certificates were from the Science Faculty and presented in Assembly on 5th March 2018



Lily Rashbrook – for consistent hard work and positive attitude.

Libby Turbutt – for excellent attitude and enthusiasm in lessons

Ben Kibler – Maturity in his answers and making big improvements in Chemistry



For Effort – Louise Wallace and Verity Watkins in Year 8 for excellent understanding of the digital divide topic.


For Attainment – Erin Harris and Anna Grant in 8W for demonstrating excellent subject knowledge, communication and presentation skills about Digital Censorship.


We have another eventful week to look forward to.

Warmest regards,

Duncan Ellerington

Deputy Head Academic