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A View from the Close - 25 May 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,


It's prefect announcement time and I was delighted yesterday to appoint a new and extremely exciting collection of prefects. The appointments fairly reflected interviews and votes from the senior school pupils and staff. Pleasingly, all the votes were unanimous. 


Head Girl                                         Juliette Jordan

Head Boy                                        Jonny Heaver

Chair of School Council                  Imogen Davis

Head of School House                    David Yeadon

Head of Leamington                       Alessandro Grasso

Head of Duckworth                         Ellie Willetts

Head of St. Martin’s                        Libby Kerry


Prefect for Internationalism        Ben Kibler

Prefect for Democracy                   Silvio Conte

Prefect for Environment               Mehrdad Ameri

Prefect for Adventure                    Theo Collins

Prefect for Leadership                   Artem Pavlov

Prefect for Service                           Jack Dewick

Junior School Prefect                     Sina Farhadi

Junior School Prefect                      Haidi Martinez


Invites will be sent to parents for Speech Day and Prize Giving after half term. We’re looking forward to a great day celebrating some superb achievements. You’ll find below lots of mention of brilliant pupils, especially after the Sports Dinner which took place last night, brilliantly organised by Mr and Mrs Butt. There are many photos of the pupils looking smart, and it was superb to celebrate such success as well as listen to some inspiring words from Jack Green. He was inspirational.


I hope that everyone has an enjoyable half term, and look forward to welcoming boarders back on Sunday 3 June, and day pupils on the Monday.


It’s important to get a balance or revision and refreshment over the half term break, too, for those taking public exams.


As ever,


Gareth Doodes.


Certificates for Achievement and Effort


Design Technology

Effort: Ollie Cheeseman (Yr11) – For his effort in his GCSE project

Achievement: Valentine Kopf (Yr11) – For her effort and achievement towards her GCSE resistant materials



Achievement: Layth Khader (Yr10) – Excellent prep and contribution in class

Effort: Jonny Heaver (Yr12) –  in his rehearsal technique and drama written responses



Effort: Harry Cordell (Yr9) – Superb sustained effort in class

Effort: Verity Watkins (Yr8) – Outstanding effort in class



Effort: Maisy Wells (Yr8) – Outstanding level of commitment

Achievement: Emily Calder (Yr9) – For working hard in class and excellent prep



Effort: Vincent Zou (Yr13) – For his consistent effort throughout the course


Travel and Tourism

Effort and Attainment: Shadow Zhao


Business Studies

Effort: William Crudgington; Julian Thomas

Achievement: James Blair Hickman


Sixth Form Maths

Achievement: Senior Maths Challenge

Jenny Ren – BRONZE

Arya Lu – BRONZE

Vincent Zou – BRONZE


GCSE Maths

Achievement: Intermediate Maths Challenge

Sophia Chen – Best in School, GOLD, Intermediate Olympiad MERIT

Yan Zheng – Best in Year, GOLD and Year 10 Maths Team, International Olympiad MERIT

George Ting – BRONZE and Year 10 Maths Team

Qizong Luo – BRONZE

Harry Wang – BRONZE

Artem Solovyev – Intermediate Olympiad Qualification


Priory Maths

Achievement – Angelique Taylor

Achievement – Calum Johnson



Effort:     Ilyad Motiei - For his positive attitude and always doing his very best in class.

Effort:     Yi Ju [Kevin] - For his hard work, wonderful attitude and enthusiasm in every lesson

Effort:   Hao Cheng Ren [Bob] - For working hard for the KET exam and showing great determination.

Effort:   Qizong Luo [Zong] - For his determination to improve in English; working well in every lesson

Achievement:   Julian Braster - For excellent progress in his written and spoken English.

Achievement:   Yan Cheng [Lucas] - For excellent progress in English through working well in every lesson.

Achievement:  Sarah Hickel - For outstanding improvement in her spoken English.

Achievement:  Yancheng Xie [Michael] - For great improvement in his participation in class and in his spoken English.

Achievement:   Yusu Zhao [Ethan] - For great improvement in his participation in class and in his spoken English.

Achievement:  Zazie Soulaine - Outstanding effort, progress and motivation in every lesson.


Sports Report, Week 5


Mon 14th

U13 Cricket vs St Edmund’s

Two matches against St Ed’s saw the first mixed cricket teams ever to represent the College. In the A team game at Maxton, Archie Grove was the standout performer with an unbeaten 49 in a competitive total of 101. Despite some good bowling from August Moos, who took 2 wickets, and Maddie Richardson from Year 6, St Edmund’s number 3 scored an unbeaten 37 to see his team home. In the B game away in Canterbury, with many players playing their first ever competitive match, Angelique Taylor, in particular, bowled well and it proved to be a very useful learning experience for the boys and girls involved.


Tues 15th

The Under 15 boys had a tough away assignment on Tuesday and came unstuck against a good St Edmund’s side. Callum Parsons was the pick of our bowlers.


Wed 16th

The U13 boys were at it again on Wednesday, away at Wellesley on a bitterly cold afternoon more like November than mid-May. Their top four all scored heavily and our bowling lacked the threatening nature that had been present on Monday as we were set a daunting target of 146 to win. To our great credit, we batted through into the last over though fell short on the ledger, again led by Archie Grove who played an innings very suitable for the occasion. Ilyad Motiei and Carlos Morales-Lopez had their best games to date, both making double figure scores with the bat.


Thurs 17th (JP)

On Thursday the Under 15 boys played St Lawrence College. After winning the toss and opting to bat first we got off to a fantastic start with Jarred Tobin scoring an unbeaten 51 and Harry Meadows weighing in with 38 runs, after 20 overs we finished with a total of 140 for 1. We continued our good work in the field with 4 wickets for Harvey Mashiter-Yates, 2 for Tom Neale and a wicket a piece for James Hide, Callum Parsons, Harry Meadows and Jaiden Flisher capping a fantastic team performance. We beat St Lawrence by 72 runs which is the largest win of this cricket season across all year groups.


This week sees Girls cricket on Monday against Sir Roger Manwood’s, Senior Tennis away at St Lawrence and Senior Cricket Interhouse, amongst others. The annual sports awards dinner will take place on Thursday evening.


Report from RHS Wisley Craft and Design Fair Mrs Hardy writes…


RHS Wisley Craft & Design Fair was an excellent venue to advertise the college working in partnership with Romney Marsh Wools with over 25,000 visitors through the gardens over the 5 days of the fair.  We had an excellent demographic of mainly AB clients who were affluent and very interested in both Romney Marsh Wools as well as Dover College.  Over the days whilst demonstrating wool spinning and weaving, we attracted many customers to our stand whom showed real interest in both businesses, as well as creating an awareness of the College with many positive comments about the pupils work showcased on our Banner. Several Dover College Prospectus were handed out to the real enthusiasts.

Sports Dinner Citations Mr Butt writes…


Priory Sports Contribution awards


...are given to those pupils in Years 7 and 8 who have made an exceptional contribution to sport at the College.

The first Priory Sports Contribution award goes to a year 8 girl who has played a huge role this year in all the major Games, as a reliable and energetic individual. Aside from her contribution to the girls teams, she finished 6th in the Steeplechase, was the first girl selected for the cricket A team and will be a huge asset to the Fives programme moving forward into next year. I’d like to ask Tyler Henderson to come up to collect her award.

This young lady was marked out last year in Year 7 as having tremendous leadership potential. As a dynamic presence in the midfield of the hockey team, and again in netball, she led both teams with aplomb in successful seasons. She has played girls football, cricket, rounders, tennis and run in the cross country team. The award goes to Priory Sports Captain, Lottie Hide.

This boy has really stepped up to the responsibility of leading Priory on the sports field since Christmas. He can always be relied upon to give his very best, and leads by example in conduct and appearance. I invite Max Ritchie-Coombs to come forward to collect his award.

This young lady moves with grace and poise on whatever playing field she is competing on. This, however, belies her steely determination and admirable desire to improve at everything she does. She is a fierce competitor who has made her mark in hockey, cricket, rounders, tennis and cross country. Angelique Taylor is the next recipient, please come up.

This next award winner has made a huge impact on every occasion she has taken to the field, court or track this year. As well as playing all our team sports, including of late, as an opening bowler in cricket Libby Turbutt has excelled individually in athletics and cross country, for club and school. I invite her to come forward to receive her award.

This young lady gives everything on the field of play. She is tenacious and expects high standards from her teammates, who she has captained this term in the rounders season. She made a huge contribution to her house in the Swimming Gala and sets a great example with her determined approach. The Sports Contribution award goes to Maisie Wells.


U15 Sports Contribution awards


…are given to those pupils in Years 9 and 10 who have made an exceptional contribution to sport at the College. It is expected that these pupils will contribute greatly to Senior sport in their remaining years at the College.

This award winner has been able to balance some astonishing commitment outside of College life, in national representation in martial arts, with not missing an opportunity to give her all for whatever team she is selected for. The award goes to Emily Calder.

This young lady has made an extraordinary contribution to sport at the College in her time with us. From involvement in the Knole Run after less than a week at the College, to smashing the whole school Steeplechase record, to captaining the Tennis team this term. She sets a superb example to her peers with her approach to health and fitness and the award goes to Sarah Hickel.

The next young man has shown adaptability throughout the year, with 1st XI representation in both football and cricket, the last of which has taken time away from his tennis where he would surely have also represented the College this term. I expect much of the same when he moves up into full senior ranks next year, and this contribution award goes to James Hide.

This individual plays team sports at only one speed, and although a more nuanced approach will be necessary as he moves up into senior categories, his full blooded approach has brought many successes on the football, rugby and cricket pitches. Never aerodynamic, but invaluable in any team we field, the award goes to Seb Klappa.

Much like James, this next recipient has proven to be a valuable member of both football and cricket teams, contributing also to the tennis programme. Alongside this, he will also play in our revitalised squash team next term. I invite Harvey Mashiter-Yates to come forward to receive his award.

This next young lady has a will to win, that when channelled correctly, is a force to be reckoned with. She plays all our major Games, and will make a huge contribution to them all as a Senior next year, where we will rely on her leadership qualities and ability to pull a group in the right direction. The award goes to Evy Siddans.

It’s sometime difficult to make much of an impact at a new school when you join halfway through a school year. Not so for this next recipient. Since Christmas he has shown others the way to go on a rugby pitch, contributed to the athletics team and has made the tennis captaincy his own. I am very much looking forward to his move up into the senior category next year, where he will be a great asset. I’d like to ask Lucas Wood to come forward to receive his award.


Sports Colours


…are awarded to those senior pupils who have made a significant contribution to College sport across the board, above and beyond what is normally expected. Exceptional performance in at least two senior College teams is a pre-requisite but the intangibles of attitude, conduct, humility and discipline are also taken into account. A long list is drawn up by the Games committee, shortlisting then takes place with the involvement of Senior Management before the final recipients are confirmed by myself and the Headmaster. It is a rigorous process deserving of the recognition it affords the pupils concerned.

This boy has given his all for the College this year. First choice across all three terms does not do justice to his worth in a year without many Year 13 boys contributing to our major Games. Fiercely determined, yet fair and never less than impeccably turned out, a Sports Colour, for the second year in a row is awarded to Harry Amos.

This individual has stood up this year and taken himself out of his comfort zone on various occasions. He toured Belgium and Germany with the 1st XI football, when not taking out his own players in training was a destructive asset on the rugby pitch and has co-captained a young 1st XI this term. The Sports Colour is awarded to James Blair-Hickman.

This young lady has contributed across the board in all three seasons. Although at times she may have thought she was playing netball during the hockey season, and vice versa in the netball season, her enthusiasm, determination and overall work ethic cannot be underestimated. Taking herself out of her comfort zone in both cross country and athletics with a top 3 Steeplechase finish has not gone unnoticed, and reflects her selfless contribution to a team cause. The Sports Colour is awarded to Imogen Davis.

This young lady continues to be an inspiration to her peers, and will be sorely missed across the board next year. She excelled, once again, as captain in hockey, netball, cross country and rounders. For the second year in a row, a Sports Colour is awarded to Macy Hadler.

This boy has been pulled out of his comfort zone on various occasions this year, whether as left back for the 1st XI, or at the Knole Run during the cross country season. Whatever he has been asked to do on the field of play, it has been carried out without question, and for the benefit of the team, much like his top 5 finish in the Steeplechase. As rugby captain, a role which he will also fulfil next year, the boys relied on his lead by example leadership. A Sports Colour is awarded to Ben Kibler.

This next young lady has come on leaps and bounds this year and it has been a joy to see her on the field of play, across all three terms. She never takes a step back, and her uncompromising style will help to mitigate Macy’s departure next year. She displays relentless determination and effort in all she does and acts a superb role model to her peers with her selfless attitude, giving her absolute all as a leader. A Sports Colour is awarded to Ellie Willetts.

This young man has contributed across the board, in every term. Whether on the Games pitches with football, rugby and cricket, on the track with athletics, field with cross country or courts with tennis he can always be relied upon to step up and put himself forward. By challenging himself, he has bettered himself, and long may it continue, for him and others who would do well to follow his example. The final Sports Colour is awarded to David Yeadon.


The Junior Sportsman and Sportswoman of the year are chosen from all pupils in Years 7-10.

Both these individuals have achieved great things outside of the College, whilst continuing to make a big impact on College sport. Libby Turbutt has had a stellar year in track and field. Last summer she broke the County Long Jump record by 13cm, she has medalled nationally in indoor multi events and only yesterday she competed in her first pentathlon. With 2 personal bests in Shot and High Jump she reached a total of 2266 points ranking her 34th in the U15 category but 3rd in the UK in her U13 category. Jaiden Flisher has continued to rack up football accolades, whether scoring spectacular goals for the College away at Tonbridge, or in Texas at an international tournament with the Kent U14 team. He recently won the high jump, after precisely no practice, at the District athletics meet, ensuring he moves forward to the County Championships in June with great confidence (and hopefully more practice). I invite both Libby and Jaiden to come forward to receive their awards.


The team of the year


This group of determined individuals have improved with every game this season. They played with unrelenting enthusiasm and achieved a great win rate, including many games against larger, more populous schools. Macy and Ellie ran the show in midfield, ensuring the foundations were solid, and Valentine Kopf finished as top scorer in a breakout season. This being said, team performance was the key throughout and no-one was more important than the sum of the parts. The team of the year is the 1st XI Hockey.


The Senior Sportsman and Sportswoman of the year are chosen from all those pupils in Years 11-13.

In short, you would want these two individuals on your team, and we have been fortunate to be on their side this year. They have put the team first on every occasion, and have inspired others, setting a superb example to their peers throughout the course of the year. I suspect the Headmaster will echo these words, of sorts, at Speech Day in July but I need to highlight their input across the Games programme. All of our teams would be weaker without their presence, not just for their individual contribution but for their galvanising effect on their teammates and the College as a whole. The Senior Sportswoman and Senior Sportsman of the Year are Macy Hadler and Harry Amos.