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A View from the Close - 13 December 2017

Dear Parents and Guardian,

There is so much to celebrate this term.

I feel the best way to show how much has been done is by including below my end of term assembly given to the Senior School on Tuesday 12 December. It’s a bit of a tome, but I’m sure that in the madness of Christmas, after you’ve unwrapped the final present and are bursting at the waist having picked on the final turkey bone, you can find a quiet corner, a glass of port or a refreshing cup of tea, and read it through trying to spot your child’s name. And we did mention so many children, on top of the 150 certificates that have been awarded this term for academic excellence in assemblies.

I’d like to say a special thank you to the Heads of School in the Junior and Senior School. Demira and Geoff have done a superb job in leading the Junior prefects, and Macy and Harry have been an inspiration to the Senior School pupils. They all deserve a special thanks.

I too would like to thank some key staff members. Tracey Mills and Brett Fairclough have undertaken their roles this term with great poise and professionalism in the Junior School, whilst Simon Kibler and Duncan Ellerington have been superb leaders in the Senior School. To them, and all the staff at the College, I am grateful for the hard work and innovation they show.

Boarders will return on Monday 8 January, and term starts on Tuesday 9 January.

I look forward to welcoming everyone back after a refreshing Christmas break.

Yours sincerely,

Gareth Doodes.

Senior School Final Assembly, 12 December 2018

The priority of the term has been to not be satisfied with the satisfactory. I’m pleased to see that we’re getting there – but we’re not fully where we should be. I still want to see you getting to lessons more quickly. I still don’t want to have to remind you about not using your ‘phones around College. I still want to hear more of everyone pushing themselves a little harder.

That doesn’t mean to say I’m not happy. Far from it! It gives me enormous pleasure to see and hear of your progress and development. Thankfully, we’re lucky to have some brilliant staff who are simply going the extra mile to help and support.

We’ve been lucky to have Mr. Platts as our new science teacher. However, he’s off at the end of this term, and although his stay with us has been brief, we’ve enjoyed his company and his contribution. Good luck at your new school and thank you!

There is much to get through this afternoon. I encourage patience, positive clapping and the occasional whooping at House awards. As your delicious Christmas lunch slowly digests, and the peristalsis does its work, if you notice the person next door to you snoring during their post luncheon nap, please prod them gently so they’re not embarrassed.

Firstly, we look at School House where special mention goes to David, George and Peter for their performance in the House Music group piece, and the outstanding entertainment put on by David, Julian, Ryan, Ollie, Theo and of course Isa in the ensemble. James also gets a worthy mention for taking on the solo.

The same commitment was demonstrated on the playing field during inter-house football. The Priory boys started us off with a cracking show, then the seconds put in a very commendable performance to win the second game. Perhaps the closest fought game was the first team match. It was a tense and exciting finale and it was a very hard fought win.

House excursions have been all of the boarders de-camping to a local Chinese restaurant for a great feast and fun night out, and a whole house trip to Flip Out in Ashford.

In Leamington House it has been another incredibly busy term with House music, inter-house photography/university challenge/football and the boys, as ever, have given each of these their full support and effort.

The House has once again been privileged to have the Head of School in Leamington House and it has been with immense pride that we have seen him grow into the role, particularly with his public speaking duties. Harry is a true ambassador for Dover College and, with university offers under his belt, has some tangible targets to aim for over the next two terms. Alongside Harry has been Will Crudgington, our Head of House. They make a perfect team and are the perfect bridge between the boys and the staff in Leamington House, a demonstration of their maturity and business-like approach to their respective roles.

In Leamington, they always name the Lent term ‘movers term’. This is because we have a philosophy that, depending on your attitude and application in this term, your grades can move in either direction. We will be working hard to ensure that the support and conditions are right for the boys to make a positive movement and look forward to sharing in their success.

Priory House has had a great term with the Year 7 making a practically seamless transition into Secondary School, rapidly settling down to the routine of moving around the school and coping impressively well with the demands of many new subjects and organisation with homework. 

The year 8 have from the start contributed to the smooth running of the House and provided great support, taking on responsibilities ranging from house prefects, specifically Louise Wallace, Gabriella Hood, Max Ritchie-Combs and Zed Place, sports captains in the form of Lottie Hide, Harry Meleady, Tyler Hendersen and Libby Turbutt, Verity Watkins the House counsellor and of course our consistently reliable and committed Heads of House Angelique Taylor and Tom Hutton.   We must not forget the formidable ebullience and entertainment provided by Maisie, Jodie,  and Amira, who is also our fashion advisor, the Spanish lessons given by Ana Pardo, and finally, last but not least, the calm but comforting presence, offering wise advise and encouragement to all,  from Ana Grant and Isaac Hackett.

The Priory pupils' academic reports demonstrated a recurrent theme of appetite for learning, positive attitude, hard work and creativity. But not only have they impressed in the classroom, they have also embraced the programme of activities with amazing enthusiasm showing the desire to learn something new and push themselves out of their comfort zone and taking part in activities ranging from gardening to cooking, model making, the mini Young enterprise, board games to choir and drama, to name but a few.

Mme Taylor was busting with proud about how last Friday, when following an invitation by Archie Grove to collect food for the Thanet Food Bank, all Priory pupils took responsibility and remembered to bring lots of items to be donated.

So much drive, so much talent, so much hard work but also, lots of care and love for each other and the world out there.

Returning from the summer holiday, Duckworth House were stronger than ever welcoming several new girls to the family.

The House has a strong representation in the School Prefect team with 6 Duckies gaining positions of responsibility in the College and were pleased to award House Prefect positions to Juliette Jordan, Imogen Davis and Ellie Willetts, all of whom have worked hard to uphold the ethos of the house.

A highlight of the term was back in September when the girls joined the community Beach Clean on Shakespeare Bay as part of the Great British Beach Clean. Our group of 42 included boarding and day girls, boarding house staff, teaching staff, parents, siblings and a governor. A fantastic effort that was recognised by a number of local media outlets.

The House has come together for social events on numerous occasions, the most memorable being the Pizza night at Follies at the start of the term and most recently the Christmas Social held here at Dover College. This saw an abundance of sweet treats provided by several of the girls, Secret Santa, Miss Maire’s speed dating style game and a lot of dancing!

A victorious Duckworth won the House Music competition. The girls gave a well-polished performance for the whole house number, a truly magnificent performance for the ensemble and Imogen Davis’ solo was the icing on the cake. An extremely proud moment yet again for Mrs Butt and Miss Marie who saw the girls work so well together throughout the build up to the competition. A great team effort in which each and every member of house can say they contributed.

St Martin’s House in September welcomed Mrs Myers as a new Y11 tutor, Miss Rodriguez as the new resident assistant housemistress and Miss Pasquet as the resident French assistante. All three members of staff have had a fantastic first term and are much loved by all the girls. As a Spaniard, Miss Rodriguez has been a wonderful support to this year’s Spanish head of house, Maria Ortega, and I am grateful to them both for their hard work this term. They both helped our new girls settle in quickly at the start of term with Finia joining us at half term just in time for the main highlight of the term: House Music. Maria was fantastic organising the girls to rehearse, ably supported in particular by Libby Kerry, Summer Leigh and Poppy Lennon. If those four were our organisers, special mention must also go to our musicians and ensemble singers: Julia on the guitar; Lily stepping in on the drums; and Mia, Poppy, Jodie, Lottie and Rosie singing harmonies with Summer in the ensemble. Rosie gave a memorable solo performance as well. Fantastic effort by all the girls!

It has been a busy end to a busy term with a wonderful eat-all-you-can meal out at the New Moon Flower Chinese restaurant last week, followed on Thursday by the final interhouse competition of the term, house hockey, which took place in horrific wet and windy conditions. The St Martin’s spirit was strong, however, and the girls did so well only to go down by 2 goals to one, especially as many of our team had never played hockey before this term. Our Priory girls won their hockey match convincingly, though.

On behalf of the girls, Mrs Pearson-Miles would also like to say a special goodbye to resident Kiwi gappie, Lizzie, who has kept us laughing all year.

In Drama we were delighted to welcome Mrs Myers as Director of Performing Arts. She’s done a terrific job in re-booting this area of life, and we’ve seen some fantastic work this term. The Senior Drama Club have worked hard at finding out ‘who killed King John’ and have also produced some exceptional chorus work. Thank you to Yr 10 Drama pupils for, in addition to their studies on Brecht, providing technical assistance for the Junior School Christmas production. The L6 have discovered the frustrating intricacy of Mime, Summer Hilton, Macy Hadler and Lucy Dargan have been developing an original physical theatre piece inspired by research into the isolating effects of Alzheimer’s disease and the pupils taking LAMDA lessons are well on their way to being ready to face the External Examiner!

The Lent term will be peppered with a variety of work showings so that you can see for yourselves the Drama talent at Dover College.

Thanks to the continued brilliant work of Miss Walters, it has been wonderfult to see so many pupils involved in Charity this term to raise money for this year’s nominated charity, Motor Neurone Disease Association. Various events have taken place during the term including, Milkshake Monday, Disney Day, Fairtrade Friday, Festive Friday, cake sales and many more events.

One of our major fundraising events this term was the annual sponsored walk which took place at the end of September and saw the whole Dover College community come together, pupils, staff and parents all walking over 15 miles to raise money for such a worthy cause – well done to everyone for your fantastic efforts.

Back in October Mr Hill attended an awards evening organised by the Dover sector of the Royal British Legion and were pleased to be presented with an award recognising our 2016 Poppy Appeal fundraising and were named as a top fundraising Senior School.

Through the generosity of everyone here we donated a total of 290 boxes to this year’s Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Appeal organised by the charity Samaritan’s Purse. This is a phenomenal amount of gifts and is our biggest total to date – well done. The shoeboxes which were all lovingly wrapped and packed will have a big impact on a child this Christmas time and it is a powerful symbol of hope to these children that someone, somewhere cared enough to pack a gift meant just for them.

For the 2016-2017 academic year, Teenage Cancer Trust was selected by staff and pupils at Dover College as the nominated charity. Back in September we were exceptionally pleased to present a cheque of £9573.97 to Sian Cooper, South East Regional Fundraiser for the charity. Through this donation the charity will be able to continue and expand their amazing care and support to young people with cancer.

Last week Archie Grove heard his parents speaking about how upsetting it was to hear of the plight of people in our own community in such dire straits. After hearing this Archie made the decision to do something good for the community and thought he would ask his classmates to help him out – which they have in abundance! Archie took it upon himself to organise a collection for the Rainbow Centre and Shepway Foodbank and we are very grateful as a huge haul of food has been donated to this worthy cause.

Well done Archie for such a thoughtful idea and to everyone who has donated, this is such a lovely act of kindness particularly at Christmas time were there are many people who are less fortunate than ourselves who won’t be sitting down to a Christmas dinner next week.

I am delighted to present Archie Grove with a certificate and gift.

We are very grateful for everyone’s continued support and donations and are pleased to announce that so far this term a total of £3,500 has been raised and we look forward to

Continuing our fundraising campaign next term. On behalf of ourselves and the team at Motor Neurone Disease, thank you.  

This year’s Young Enterprise group, Luci, are focusing on upcycling and are creating decorative items from used and unwanted items.

Whilst they have been sourcing items and designing their products, they have focused most of their energy on raising funds to support their product development.  After the early disappointment of discovering they would not be able to deliver the sponsored walk t-shirts in time for the day, due to an unreliable supplier, they learnt valuable lessons in supplier relations, time management of time sensitive products.  They have raised funds by selling food and drink at the sponsored walk, running a tuck shop twice a week, creating and selling Santa’s sleighs at the Christmas fair, which sold out in just over an hour! They have also sold Santa Secret Candy Canes.

Next term they will be focusing on producing Record Bowls and Glass Bottle Lights, look out for these products on sale in the New Year which we all look forward to purchasing.

Moving to Music, it was super to see The Tallis Music School was packed on wed 11th October as a number of performers from across the school delighted the audience. Notable soloists were Summer Leigh, Nick Proctor, Harvey Mashiter-Yates, Izzy Nudd, Johnny Heaver and Imogen Davis.

The highlight of the term had to be the House Music Competition in Menzies Hall.

e ensembles ranged in style and quality, from earthy, pulsing numbers to more reflective ones based on close harmony. Some also took care over the staging to great effect.

The soloists were Rosie Baldwin, Harvey Mashiter-Yates, Imogen Davis and James Hide – two were singers, Rosie accompanying herself, a saxophonist and a drummer. Each showed control and an ability to cope with the spotlight.

It was really interesting to see the different House approaches to this part of the competition; big chorus with a few soloists focusing on power and no movement, a range of instrumental accompaniment utilising the talents of pupils, and simply presentation and entertainment as the key ingredient. Each House has something special to offer and the diversity made it all the more appealing.

For some students this is a daunting experience, exposing themselves on the stage to the scrutiny of all, where confidence is key. However, many showed real conviction and presence, significantly those from whom one might least have expected it, so that they surprised themselves as well as others. There was much to enjoy and celebrate in all of the performances and they should all be proud of what they have achieved.

Last, and almost certainly least, radiant in Pink dresses and lustrous wigs, the Headmaster, Mr Ellerington and Mr Prince, assisted by Messrs Young & Lockyer offered a cut down version of ‘Lily the Pink’, which seemed to please the masses.

Worthy winners on this occasion were Duckworth, who had strong performances across the board.

The Chapel Choir has grown this term, so that we can’t fit them all into the pews. Mr Young and I are especially delighted that we have increased our international student representation and hope that this continues.

Apart from delivering the choral music for Fridays and the key services of Founders’ Day and Remembrance, these pupils work especially hard at the end of this term when everyone else is thinking of winding down. I cannot stress enough the dedication of these individuals, especially those who have come to every rehearsal, every Wednesday night practice and given their all in the last weeks musically.

With House Music catapulted into the second half of term, it was always going to be a big ask getting ready for Christmas, having effectively lost two weeks, but the pupils rose to the challenge. Three completely different programmes for Advent, Concert and Christmas have been prepared, exposing them and you to music from different musical periods, cultures and languages.

The Advent Carol Service was as always atmospheric in its candlelit setting and there solos from Edward Aylward-Lopez, Juliette Jordan, Summer Leigh and Imogen Davis.

The Christmas Concert, this year in Menzies Hall, celebrated the musical anniversary of Telemann and music by Charpentier, Rossini, Lachner, Prokofiev as well as the delights of White Christmas, Rudolph and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. There were first-time percussionists in James Hide and Suzie Zhang, a fine soprano solo from Summer Leigh, deft recorder playing in the orchestra from Johnny Heaver and much more besides in both orchestral musicians and singers.

A continuous presence of some of our one-termers must be noted: the constant efforts of Valentina Brehm, Michelle Probst, Ana Pardo Torres and Julia Gonzales has been much appreciated and we will miss them when they go – thank you and don’t forget us! All the other pupil musicians have also pulled out all the stops with as I write only the final Carol Service to go, where more soloists will appear (Izzy Nudd, Valentina Brehm, Johnny Heaver and Edward Aylward-Lopez and an as yet not decided Once in Royal soloist – that most coveted of spotlights for a singer).

This year there will be German and French as well as English and Latin carols and old favourites with the last soaring descant of Hark the Herald ringing in our ears as we leave for the Christmas holidays. My thanks and best wishes to all of our singers and players for all that they contribute to school music.

The Academic drive continues with a noticeable improvement in all areas. Over 150 Academic certificates have been awarded this term. These are for exceptional work only - well done to all.

The ‘Theme Weeks’ this term have been Something from Nothing, Disney, Science Fiction, and In 50 years.

The emphasis has been on developing your creativity within all of these themes. You must think differently. It is what makes us human.

I want to look at the College’s academic departments individually.

In English Year 7 and 8 learnt a range of writing techniques and produced some very creative work. Year 9 learnt how to express a viewpoint and structure an argument. At GCSE and A level, pupils enjoyed studying a range of fascinating novels, plays and poems.

Y10 and Y11 went to see Jekyll and Hide at the Marlowe theatre and the 6th formers attended a Shakespeare experience workshop in Canterbury.

We look forward to the Priory Public speaking competition and World Book Day next term.

Some pupils particularly stood out in English this term: Nicholas Proctor for producing work of a very high standard in KS3; Joseph Payne Martinez for being Highly-Commended in the Canterbury Festival Poetry Competition in KS4; Johnny Heaver for his excellent work ethic in the 6th form.

For their excellent effort with Reading as part of the Accelerated Reader Programme, the English department would like to present certificates along with a gift voucher to:

Peter Winther

Nicholas Proctor

Gabriella Hood

Tyler Henderson

Zed Place

Angelique Taylor

Amira Ostalski-Khan

August Moos

Belle Klappa

Louise Wallace

Rosie Baldwin.

In Modern Foreign Languages pupils have enjoyed practicing their language skills online using the digital platforms Active Learn and Dynamic Learning. Everyone made a tremendous effort for the European Day of Languages, either by dressing up in the colours of a European country’s flag, baking for our international cake sale or entering the national EDL competition.

Well done to the 13 pupils who have volunteered to take part in a French exchange next term with a school in Normandy. We really look forward to this event as well as to the GCSE and A Level student conferences and the Onatti play.

Special mention this term goes to: Rosie Baldwin in KS3, Dillon Clarke in KS4 and Hai Di Martinez in the 6th form for their hard work and progress.

Certificates for being in the runners up team in the National competition for the European Day of Languages.

Erin Harris

Verity Watkins

Louise Wallace.

In History Pupils in KS3 have produced some excellent project work this term on Medieval History, the Tudors and the Stuarts and the two World Wars. Pupils at GCSE and A level learnt about the interwar Germany and the rise of the Nazis, Henry VIII and the Stuarts. Pupils who stood out this term in History were Ollie Cheeseman in KS4 and Isa Mohammed in the 6th form for their excellent effort.

In Geography well done to the Lower Sixth who produced some excellent field work write ups on Urban Inequalities and attended a University lecture in London. We look forward to the Inter House Geography quiz in the coming months.

Special mention this term goes to Jarred Tobin in KS3, Thomas Li in KS4 and Jack Dewick in the 6th form for their hard work and good progress this term.

Certificates are awarded for their excellent field work on Urban Inequalities

Valentina Brehm

Yara Bethge

Kathi Kugel

Amelie Pick.

In Latin Year 7 studied topics such as greetings, birthdays, family, Roman food, describing animals and people and numbers and months. Belle Klappa has particularly impressed Mrs Shefford with her enthusiasm and consistent hard work this term.

In Religious Studies Year 7 and 8 have reflected on a variety of themes such as biblical outcasts, miracles, Men and Women of faith such as Martin Luther-King and Florence Nightingale and more recently different Christmas Traditions around the world. Nathaniel Turner in Y7 and Louise Wallace in Y8 particularly stood out for their excellent work throughout the term.

Mrs Carter, our Mandarin teacher who joined us in September has been working closely with our Chinese pupils and has been invaluable in helping with everything from teaching to subject vocabulary and  A level preparation to University Applications.

Certificates for Mandarin go to

Ana Pardo Torres

Tyler Henderson

Angelique Taylor

Gabriela Hood

In ICT and Computing the Bebras Computing Challenge introduces computational thinking to students. 

It is organised in over 40 countries and designed to get students all over the world excited about computing. It is sponsored by Oxford University.

Pupils from year 7 to the Upper Sixth participated in challenge in the 2nd week of November. There were four challenges for different age groups and it was based on problems that Computer Scientists often meet and enjoy solving.  

Two of our pupils have done exceptionally well and are in the top 10% in the UK.  Summer Hilton and Harry Cordell have been invited to enter the TCS Oxford Computing Challenge in March.

Nathaniel Turner also scored over 100 points and was best in school for his age range.

Certificates for ICT and Computing are awarded to

‘Best in School’ for each category

Summer Hilton

Harry Cordell

Nathaniel Turner

Distinctions are also awarded to:


Peter Winther

Isabelle Klappa

August            Moos

Xavier Foord


Callum            Parsons

Maisie Rose Wells

Gabriella Hood

Ana Pardo Torres

Anna Grant

Angelique Taylor

Charlotte Hide


Haozhe XIE

Ben Preusser

Joseph Payne-Martinez

Yan Zheng

Theo Collins

Julian Thomas

Our hearty congratulations to all who have participated in this event and we wish Summer and Harry all our best wishes for their next challenge.

In Science this term year 8 and 9 were treated to a visit from the RAF looking at the physics of flight and jet engines. The event brought along an active drone and scaled down jet engine.

We have some awards for exceptional work in science this term.

KS3 Attainment – Angelique taylor for her infectious enthusiasm which translates into great results.

KS3 Effort – Rosie Baldwin for consistent effort in all areas and leading by example in practical tasks.

KS4 Attainment – Sophia Chen for putting in maximum effort to her studies and this is seen by her high level grades in all sciences.

KS4 Effort – Jack Hanson for making tenacious improvements in science and we look forward to more in the New Year.

KS5 Attainment – Colly Zhang for being consistently inquisitive in both Biology and Chemistry.

KS5 effort – Sina Farhadi for always being eager to understand and improve, who is absent today.

In Mathmatics twenty two pupils from Year 11, 12 and 13 were entered for the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge last month along with 82,000 pupils from the UK. The challenge is aimed primarily at the gifted and talented pupils in the sixth form and a selected few from Year 11. We had two pupils who not only gained GOLD certificates but performed so well that they qualified for the follow on ‘Senior Kangaroo’ competition and were selected from the top 8% of entrants in the UK. We are very proud of all of our certificate winners.


Sophia Chen Best in School and Senior Kangaroo

Dave Xu Best in Year and Senior Kangaroo


Mehrdad Amerivamkani – Best in Year, who is absent today.

Qingzi Yang, who is absent today.

Yaxin Liu, who is absent today.

Yara Bethga


Qingzi Yang, who is absent today.

Sicong Zhang

Katharin Kugel

Ben Kibler

Lang Guo

Alex Yang

This year our Senior Maths Team participated in the Regional Final of the UKMT Team Maths Challenge. Many students attended Gifted and Talented enrichment sessions each Wednesday lunch time including certificate winners Yara, Mehrdad, Tim and Greyson but our team of Sophia Chen, Summer Hilton, Qingzi Yang and Captain Dave Xu were eventually selected and finished a creditable 8th out of 21 teams from Kent. Certificates are awarded for the team.

This term in the International Studies Centre, the theme weeks have been the inspiration for some imaginative work from year 7 pupils who designed on paper their own futuristic gadgets and robots. Much of this term has involved hard work and practice preparing for the Cambridge exams in KET and PET with 45 pupils sitting these exams at the end of November.

Mrs Hodson has introduced the concept of “suggestopaedia” to her classroom with relaxation techniques and baroque music helping pupils tackle difficult grammar and tricky vocabulary in a calmer more congenial atmosphere for learning. Definitely Thinking Differently and much appreciated by the pupils who have tried it.

In preparation for Christmas we have been learning about how we celebrate the festive holiday here in Britain and in other countries and this culminated in singing and drama performances at the ISC Christmas celebration on Monday- along with some sampling of Christmas pudding.  An acquired taste!

Certificates are awarded to

Minghan Zhang (ALICE)

Marie Hubner

Yara Bethge


Zhixun Lin (PETER)

Yan Zheng (LUCAS)

Ilyad Motiei

It has been a busy and exciting term in the Art Department with pupils creatively exploring ideas and techniques in Art, Textiles and Photography.

A special mention must go to Upper Sixth pupil Max Wang, a selection of his photographs were selected to enter The Boarding Schools' Association Photography Award. We will find out next term how he gets on.

Congratulations also go to Year 7 pupils Sam Smith and Archie Seward who have had their artwork selected for the Lions International Peace Poster Contest 2017. The theme for the competition was ‘The Future of Peace’ and the boys’ posters are among more than 600,000 entries which have been submitted worldwide. We look forward to hearing of their successes as the competition stages progress. The boys have been awarded certificates of recognition by Dover Lions Club for their excellent designs and efforts.

I am delighted to award them with certificates.

This term the Art department launched the Inter House Photography Competition, open to all senior school pupils. We had an open theme, and we have had a hugely diverse and superb range of photographs with more than 175 entries.

All photographs can be viewed on the Dover College Art blog and we plan are to hold an exhibition of all pupils’ photographs next term. Mr Dewick would like to thank all of you who submitted photographs and also Miss Walters who helped run the competition. 

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to announce and award the winners, and to receive your certificates.

Highly commended photographs:      Ethan Zhao

                                                           Erin Seal

                                                           Sam Smart

                                                           Vincent Mehra

3rd prize photograph:                         Hai Di Martinez

2nd prize photograph:                        Louis von Guilleaume

1st prize photograph:                          Emma Xu

As this was an Inter house event, all winning and highly commended photographs receive points towards their houses.

Overall Leamington take third place, with St Martins in second place.

However, we have two join winners, both Duckworth and School House.

The Design Technology workshop has seen a massive programme of refurbishment and redevelopment. We have had plenty of new machinery and tools delivered. The main development has been the introduction of our CAD/CAM suite. With a new 3D printer, new Vinyl Cutter and our Laser Cutter, pupils now have the opportunity to develop their new skills. The theme for this term has been Lego. The Year 9s have made mirrors based on the Danish plastic toy. The Year 10s have made clocks and the Year 12s have used Lego to help develop their drawing skills. The Year 11s are well into their making of their final storage items. The Year 13’s are working on their folders ready for their practical in the New Year.

Special mentions go to Kathi Kugel in Year 12, who in a very short amount of time produces a stunning lamp. Also Archie Meleady and Patrick Law for their work in Year 11. Next term, it will be very busy finishing off projects and practicals and making sure that the workshop continues to develop.

Moving to Sport, This season has been particularly enjoyable working with a wonderful group of girls in the 1st XI Hockey who have been so eager to improve and learn new and more advanced skills. There has been great work from the Captain, Macy Hadler, has been exemplary. We finish the season in a considerably better position than the last with 4 Wins, 2 Loses and 1 Draw. The season culminated in the inter-house Hockey that was a test of resilience for both staff and players as Storm Caroline swept in. The inclement weather failed to put a dampener on two well fought matches that saw Duckworth coming out 2-0 winners in both.

The U15 Hockey have had a mixed season this term under the captaincy of Tilly Turnbull. Strong results against Ashford and St Lawrence early in the season set the girls up for a fantastic showing at the Granville League tournament and a 1-0 drubbing of Bethany in the last game of the season. Both Miss Geddes and Mr Breeze are immensely proud of the grit and determination shown by the girls throughout the term, well done to this promising group of young ladies.

This U13 Hockey girls have had a great season with five wins and just two losses. They dominated the Granville Tourament finishing in 2nd place with a replacement Goalkeeper and with their dedication and enthusiasm they are a pleasure to coach on a weekly basis. Lottie Hide has been exceptional in her role as Captain this year and kept the team positive and focused throughout the season. I am really looking forward to what next season holds for this talented group of girls. The U13 Interhouse was a competitive game played in great spirit won by a strong St Martins side 5-0. Names on the scoreboard included Lottie Hide 2, Libby Turbutt 2 and a tremendous goal by Belle Klappa.

I’m therefore delighted to award the Interhouse Hockey cups

Captains of St Martins

Captain of Priory

Captain of Duckworth Senior A and B teams

It has been a tough season for the First XI Football. Despite facing strong opposition the passion on the pitch never wavered and everyone would give their all for the team until the final second of each match, regardless of what the score may be. The successful Belgium and Germany tours saw the squad play teams from Holland, Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg and of course Belgium and Germany, which was a fantastic experience for the team and has helped them see different styles of play which have then been applied in future games. Over the course of the season the team played 17 games with total travelling distance reaching 2,652.8 kilometres! Despite the tough season Will Crudgington has led the team by example and there has been some very spirited performances for David Yeadon, Ben Kibler, Simon Gignoux, Ryan Sewell and Jack Hanson. School House were victorious in both Senior house matches this year, a very one sided scoreline in the B team match being tempered by the A match which was very competitive, a 3-2 victory.

The Under 15 Football season started with an extremely tricky away assignment at Bede’s which could easily have knocked the boys’ confidence but they responded well in splendid fashion, beating Tonbridge away in a superb performance, an early highlight for all involved. With a dedicated core of Year 9 boys making up the majority of the team, and many of the Year 10 boys playing up several years in Senior football, this was very much a season to build on and to look forward as these boys move further up the school. Many of them also had the terrific opportunity to represent the College as we welcomed Paulus Mavo from Holland and Gad’s Hill for an international triangular on the Close.

The U13 Football boys have played some superb football this term, driven forward by skipper Harry Meleady and a talented group of Year 7 boys who approached each session with dynamism and enthusiasm. No fewer than five boys played in goal for the A team, and every Priory boy had the opportunity to represent the College in each of the eight block fixtures this term, as well as others participating in the Shapira Cup at Junior King’s and the overnight exchange with Battle Abbey. The house match was extremely one-sided, School house running away with a double figures victory.

I’m therefore delighted to award the Interhouse Football cups

Captain of School House Senior A and B Teams

Captain of Priory House

It is exactly a year ago when Girl’s Football began and the progress that has been made since then has been represented on the pitch this term. The dedicated squad meet during activity time to train and during sessions there is a great determination to improve skills and techniques, which are then applied during matches. Led by Captain Emily Calder it has been a very successful season with the highlight being a 5-0 victory against local rivals Astor College. Throughout the season Rosie Baldwin has been a rock at the heart of the defence and Alicia Myers has made multiple key saves in goal. With the passion for football building in the year 7’s and 8’s, the future is definitely bright for girl’s football.

I want to reflect on the running total of the House Competition which is awarded at the end of the academic year.

Duckworth and School House have started the year strongly, with victory in House Music and Interhouse football, respectively. Duckworth’s winning photo for Interhouse photography also helped to maintain the distance between them and the chasing pack. St Martins won very well in the Priory Interhouse Hockey, and also picked up a valuable two points in the Photography competition. Last year’s Challenge Cup winners Leamington will hope to channel the winning feeling from University Challenge and regain some ground in the upcoming Interhouse Rugby, in which they triumphed last year, and St Martin’s will look to the Swimming Gala as reigning champions in the pool. The inclusion of the Steeplechase in the Lent term will ensure there are many points on offer next term, with all to play for.

The points as of today are as follows: School 9.5 points, Leamington 3 points, Duckworth 12 points, St Martin’s 3.5 points.

Finally, we say goodbye today to some splendid pupils who have only joined us for one term. Along with our love and best wishes, we present them with a personalized book or hymn book for them to treasure. Remember us – we will not forget you!

From Duckworth House

Rim Benjamaa

Valentina Brehm

Katharina Kugel

Michelle Probst

And in both Duckworth and Priory

Ana Pardo

From Leamington

Paul Datan

From School House

KJ Alabi

Malte Grasse

Ignacio Martin Haurie

From St. Martin’s

Julia Gonzalez

Marie Hubner

It leaves me to wish all of you, and your family and friends, a happy Christmas, filled with love, presents, sweets, mince pies and jollity. And don’t forget, as you travel across the world to your homes, that throughout your lives you should never be satisfied with the satisfactory, and should always, in everything you do, think differently.

Have a splendid break.