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A View from The Close 144: Friday 7th June 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Everyone has been knuckling down with the examinations this week. Pupils are working hard with their revision and the some of the Year 12 students have received excellent results so far.

I would like to highlight the FODC Summer Fair taking place tomorrow, Saturday 8th June, from 10:00 on The Close. There will be a range of stalls available including a beauty therapy, toys, fresh cut flowers as well as traditional games to play outside, weather permitting. A delicious BBQ served by myself and Mr Kibler with the opportunity to purchase refreshments including candyfloss and cakes!

I would also like to draw your attention to next week’s Sports Days. From 14:00 on Friday 14th June, The Junior School will be making their way to Farthingloe to begin the races! The Senior School Sports Day takes place on the Saturday (15th June) from 10:00 where are wonderful pupils will be competing in a wide variety of Sports. I encourage parents, guardians, grandparents, siblings and pets (on leads) to attend either/both of these events. Hopefully the sun will be shining, giving you the opportunity to relax and watch the pupils burn some energy as they take part in what will be two fantastic Sports Days! You will also be able to purchase tea and coffee from the Dover College Horsebox Cafe, which will be parked at Farthingloe for both events.

Yours faithfully,

Gareth Doodes.

Bouncing to Victory!

Lola Lanham (6) competed in the Club 1 U13 Girls’ Trampolining Competition at her Trampoline Club last half of term. She came first! Congratulations Lola.

Solid Silver Success!

On Monday 27 May, five Dover College participants in the DofE award Scheme completed their Silver qualifying expedition in the Ashford Forest. Emily Calder (10, St Martin’s), Rhiannon Church (11, Duckworth), Nathan Young (10, Leamington), Harry Cordell (10, Leamington) and Tom Baker (10, School) walked for three days, camping overnight twice to complete a route around Ashford covering 17 km on day one, 19 km on day two and 16km on day three.

By DofE expedition rules, the team had to be active for at least seven hours each day so, as well as walking; they worked on their expedition aim of creating a story using the found environment for inspiration. The expedition section is not complete until the group give a presentation on their aim to a live audience. This will take place soon to complete this section of the award. For some of the participants, this is the last section before their Silver award is achieved. Special mention should go to Rhiannon Church, who damaged her knee on the qualifying expedition last year, and has been having weekly physio sessions since then in order to regain sufficient strength to undertake the qualifying expedition this year.  A year of gritty determination is the hallmark of a successful DofE participant!

Each expedition group is monitored by a safety supervisor (to ensure safety on the route – Mr Cox) and, on Qualifying expeditions, is joined by an independent Assessor who observes them throughout the three days and nights and judges whether they should pass, fail or defer according to the strict DofE guidelines.

The Silver group passed with flying colours. The assessor was especially impressed by their group skills – working together on route-finding, camp craft, cooking and their positive attitude throughout the 3 days. “You are a very pleasant group – thank you for making this assessment so easy for me”. At the debrief, the assessor, Mr Malcolm Hutton, praised their individual and collective skills. “Gold is well within your capabilities”, he said as he told them how well they had passed.

As well as Mr Cox, other staff volunteered their services over the six days of the practice and qualifying expeditions and he warmly thanks them all for their contributions: Miss Ellie Cox and Miss Sara Martin Rodriguez (three days each), Miss Ivy Chen and Miss Taylah Hutson (one day and one night each) and the Bursar, Mrs Sarah Greig and her husband for assisting on the final day. Mrs Taylor ferried staff backwards and forwards to the various campsites and encouraged everyone with her positivity.

Sports Dinner 2019

Mr Tom Butt’s Speech

Please be seated.

Good Evening everybody and thank you for coming to the 2019 edition of the Dover College Sport Awards Dinner. We are here to share the many successes of the College’s sporting year, and to recognise the exceptional contribution of a select few with individual awards.

I like to think that how Sport is within a school is an accurate barometer of the overall health of an institution. Three years ago, the Headmaster tasked me with raising the profile of Sport at the College, a wide brief that was left open to interpretation but one to which you, as pupils, have responded magnificently. If pupils are enthused about playing sport, being active and competing for the College, that is far more important to me than any win-loss balance or tournament performance. If you end up continuing with some kind of sport when you leave the College, then even better, the holy grail of success for a school sport department. At risk of sounding like a maths teacher, I would like to share some statistics with you. Since September, 73% of all boys from years 7 to 13 have represented one of the College’s sports teams. On the girl’s side, we are even higher, with 79% participation in competitive sport. This gives us an average of 76% across the whole Senior School, over three quarters of the whole school choosing to represent the College across 15 different sports this school year. This figure compares very favourably with much larger independent schools and is testament to your pride in the College and the hard work of staff who ensure that teams are coached and ferried around the country to fulfil all of our fixtures. As many of you will have heard me say before, we are a school for all-rounders, and pupils who take themselves out of their comfort zone to represent the College are prized highest of all. A round of applause for each of your efforts so far this year.

I am delighted that we are joined this evening by Vicky Fleetwood, professional rugby player for Saracens and England Women. Vicky has won the World Cup (once) and the Six Nations (three times) as well as being a Commonwealth Games medallist. A quite amazing sporting CV and we will have the opportunity to hear her story after we have eaten.

Priory Sports Contribution awards are given to those pupils in Years 7 and 8 who have made an exceptional contribution to sport at the College.

Katie Cowell (8)

Belle Klappa (8)

Chloe Leedham (8)

Maisie Nudd (8)

Avy Taylor (8)

Archie Grove (8)

August Moos (8)

Oakley Price (8)

Nicholas Proctor (8)

Archie Seward (8)

Nathaniel Turner (8)

U15 Sports Contribution awards are given to those pupils in Years 9 and 10 who have made an exceptional contribution to sport at the College. It is expected that these pupils will contribute greatly to Senior sport in their remaining years at the College. I am very much looking forward to taking 29 of this category to the Basque Country in October as we expand our touring programme further.

Emily Calder (10, St Martin’s)

Tyler Henderson (9, Duckworth)

Lottie Hide (9, St Martin’s)

Alicia Myers (10, Duckworth)

Angelique Taylor (9, Duckworth)

Libby Turbutt (9, St Martin’s)

Maisie Wells (9, St Martin’s)

Milly Wilford (10, Duckworth)

Sam Dehghan (10, School)

Adam Frost (10, School)

Nathan Hall (10, Leamington)

Seb Klappa (10, School)

Harry Meadows (10, School)

Max Ritchie-Coombs (9, School)

Sammy Smee (10, School)

Jarred Tobin (10, School)

Sports Colours are awarded to those senior pupils who have made a significant contribution to College sport across the board, above and beyond what is normally expected. Performance in at least two senior College teams is a pre-requisite but the intangibles of attitude, conduct, humility and discipline are equally valued, as is attendance and participation in Interhouse events, setting an example to their younger peers. A long list is drawn up by the Games committee, shortlisting then takes place with the involvement of Senior Management before the final recipients are confirmed by myself and the Headmaster. Recipients are fully deserving of this highest recognition.

Simon Gignoux (13, School)

Alessandro Grasso (13, Leamington)

Jack Hanson (12, Leamington)

Juliette Jordan (13, Duckworth)

Ben Kibler (13, Leamington)

Ryan Sewell (12, School)

Julian Thomas (13, School)

David Yeadon (13, School)

The Junior Sportsman and Sportswoman of the year are chosen from all pupils in Years 7-10.

Both these individuals have achieved great things outside of the College, whilst continuing to make a big impact on College sport. For the second year in a row, Libby Turbutt (9, St Martin’s) has had a stellar year in track and field. She is currently ranked in the top 5 in the UK, a year young, in the Triple Jump and in the top 20 for the Long Jump, again a year young. Only today she was competing at the London Schools Pentathlon. She won the silver medal overall with a personal best points total of 2773, ranking her 6th in the country against girls a year older. Tom Baker (10, School) has excelled in his shooting this year. This week he shot 85/100 at the English Open in the West Midlands and this after a season which has seen him compete, with great success on a National and International level, and gained him an invite to GB Shooting’s talent ID programme.

I invite both Libby and Tom to come forward to receive their awards.

The Team of the Year

Michaelmas 2018 was the most successful U15 Hockey season in recent years in terms of both participation and results. In total 19 girls from four different countries represented the College, only losing two of the 7 games they played against some very strong opposition. Over the seven matches the girls scored 28 goals with Lottie Hide leading the way with 12 of them. Highlights of the season were a 12-0 victory over Battle Abbey, but perhaps more telling was the 7-1 victory over a strong St Edmund’s side. Players’ Player of the season was Lottie Hide, the Most Improved Player was Alicia Myers, and Best Newcomer was Maria Munoz Perez. Special mention must go to Emily Calder who captained the side exceptionally throughout, displaying outstanding leadership and positivity at all times. I would invite all the girls to come up and receive the award.

The Senior Sportsperson of the year is chosen from all those pupils in Years 11-13.

This individual has grown exponentially in the three years he has been with us. I first met him here in the Refectory as quite a shy boy, not great with eye contact and with a handshake that felt like it needed some concerted practice. He has represented the College across almost all of our major Games at a senior level since he has been with us. Football, Rugby, Tennis, Cross Country, Athletics and Cricket have all been part of his repertoire and whilst he would be the first to admit that not all of them come easy, he always gives his very best for the College on the field of play. Not only has he represented the College on the field but he has coached Junior School teams, refereed matches when needed, always willing to put himself forward, stepping out of that comfort zone I spoke about earlier. He has found his home here at the College and we wish him all the very best as he leaves us to start a new sporting adventure Stateside in the Summer. I invite David Yeadon to come forward to receive his award.

Pupils to be Published

A number of Year 11 pupils wrote mini-sagas to be considered for Young Writers’ Survival Sagas: Mission Contamination competition. Four of those students have been chosen for publication in Mission Contamination – Sussex and Kent, scheduled for publication on 31st August 2019:

  1. Elliot Nugus (11, School) for The Test Tube
  2. Niall Noonan (11, Leamington) for Mission Immersion
  3. Frankie Ollernshaw (11, Duckworth) for The Devastating Dead
  4. James Hide (11, School) for Emerging

Congratulations for great writing!

A Dover College Farewell

Nina Dougall the Junior School SENCO will be leaving Dover College at the end of the Summer Term, having taught at Dover College for over seven years. She has been studying reflexology since September and will complete her final exams in July to become a Professional Reflexologist. Nina will be specialising in Children and Women’s Health.

We wish her well on her venture.